Children are great gifts to parents, families and the prospect of every society on earth. It is therefore necessary to care, train, protect and ensure they are healthy for to keep the purpose which they are given. Preventive care | Mother To Children Transmission. READ MORE


Every Child Deserve To Be Happy

With a strong mental power, they can fully express sound health and happy lifestyle


Hunger Is Stalking The Globe

Help us rescue people all over the world.


Helping Every Child Find Hope Again

One out of every ten children is at risk of growing up alone.


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The Worlds Largest Child Care Doctors Providing Health Care For Every Child, we care

We are dedicated to providing health care which brings safety and life saving to every child faced with all or any kind of health challenges. We also carry out training programs for parents to ensure the sound health and mental balance of their children.

Musa Ani - 19Y Daniel Ade - 19Y Seun Dmilola - 3Y Sosan Emi - 6Y Samuel Osa - 7Y

TAKE ACTION NOW: Let's give our support together to save a child's life

Lets give hope, share love, education and freedom to every child in need
of health care and material needs.

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Need Your Helping Hand

A tree cannot make forest so they say, make a donation to save a child today, in any of our campaign. Every child matters.

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Anyone Can Be a Volunteer!

We love to have you on our team with your professional skills either your a doctor or a philanthropist we need you.

Get Involved

joint involvement

Partner with us support or sponsor some of our campaign to reaching out to the children with enough resources.

DFCI Scholarship

Doctors for Children Int’l (DFCI) is a nonprofit making organization, championing humanitarian
service by providing scholarship opportunity

WHAT ABOUT DFCI Scholarship?

Education remains the greatest tool to win wars which weapon cannot. Therefore the pains families go through in training a boy and a girl child in school must be ameliorated. Remember champions are trained, they are not made overnight.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring education to the door step of all through Scholarship provisions.

 Our Operations includes:

  • Providing educational materials for students at different level.
  • Rebuilding dilapidated schools.
  • General educational consultancy.
  • Evaluating educational policies and updating it.
  • Funding all good quality projects on education through donor agencies.

Expert Helping NGO Members

Charity NGO Helping Charity Organization


Daniel Makinde



Shanel Morayo



Emeka Timoty



Anita Akinde



Adekunle Ani


We are empowering men and women, join us on this course to make a difference

Concurrently, the organization via numerous surveys in humanitarian voyage saw the need of introducing skill acquisition in the community at large …

‘With The Skills Acquisition, We Are  Enhancing Entrepreneurship’ Click Here To Apply

  • Computer Literacy
  • Fashion & Designing
  • Cosmetology
  • Catering & Hotel Management
  • Bag/Shoe making
  • Hair Dressing
  • inverters for houses and offices
  • Bead making.
  • Commercial Water Production
  • Advance Laptop Repairs
  • Basic Computer Repairs
  • Liquid Soap Making
  • Bleach Making
  • Shea butter body moisturizer


Doctors For Children, Helping Every Child Survive & Empowerment
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Every Child Should Be Happy

Children are great gifts to parents, families and the society. They are.
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We Need Show Love To Our Children

Children are great gifts to parents, families and the society. They are.
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The caring of a mother for her child

Children are great gifts to parents, families and the society. They are.

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